Precision Health Initiative

Promoting individual health and well-being by enabling innovation and research to deliver equitable solutions for disease prevention, detection and intervention

What is Precision Health?

Precision health holds great promise for the future of healthcare, asking how we can use knowledge of characteristics ranging from genomics to lifestyle to better inform prevention of disease, with the goal of prolonging healthy lifespan. The vision of Precision Health is to detect the root emergence of a disease, rather than merely respond once symptoms appear. With a more proactive approach to health monitoring, we stand a better chance of making an intervention to slow or prevent disease development, however, we also raise a wide range of societal challenges, from acceptability to data security.

Precision Health is going to be of primary importance to society in the decades ahead.  We want people not only to enjoy long and productive lives, but also to feel healthy throughout their life. Medicine today remains largely reactive – we make clinical interventions in response to symptoms, often at a stage when a disease, such as cancer, has progressed significantly or where additional complications become inevitable, such as obesity as a result of reduced mobility from osteoarthritis.

Prof Andrew Flewitt (Precision Health Initiative Co-Chair)


Latest Events

Precision Health Initiative holds a series of seminars and workshops termly, featuring leading speakers from academia, industry, NGOs, and governmental organisations. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming events.

October 20, 2023 9:00 am

Can Cancer be Detected Earlier by Employing Wearable Technologies?

A workshop dedicated to reviewing the latest advancements in the field of wearable devices and their use in early cancer detection

March 27, 2023 2:00 pm

Using Mobiles and Wearables for Public Health

A symposium to showcase the potential of mobile and wearable technologies in public health.

March 20, 2023 4:00 pm

Emerging Technologies to Transform Cancer Early Detection

Find out how emerging STEM technologies and innovations could potentially be used for the early detection of cancer and precision diagnosis and treatment.