Applied Mathematics

Enabling the collaborative research in Precision Health that is instrumental in the transition to preventative medicine

Carola Schönlieb

Applied Mathematics  Physical  

Prof Schönlieb specialises in the mathematics of digital image and video processing using partial differential equations and variational methods. The research from her group ranges from the modelling and analysis of such methods to the computational realisation and application.

machine learning  image processing  

Colm-cille Caulfield

Applied Mathematics  Physical  

Prof Caulfield is interested in various fluid flows in the environment, particularly in cases where density differences play a dynamical role. Understanding the fundamental properties of the associated fluid dynamics is key to ensuring sustainable human activity.

building ventilation  turbulent mixing  stratified flows  fluid dynamics  

Mihaela van der Schaar

Applied Mathematics  Physical  

Prof van der Shaar's research develops cutting-edge machine learning & AI theory and methods, with the goal of improving healthcare and medical knowledge. Her team is one of the most impactful and diverse ones in the field, employing a wide range of ML approaches including deep learning, causal inference, AutoML, time series analysis, ensemble learning, and many more.

medical applications  distributed systems  game theory  machine learning  image processing