Enabling the collaborative research in Precision Health that is instrumental in the transition to preventative medicine

Kathy Liddell

Law & Government  Humanities  

Prof Liddell’s research focuses on health, medicine and society, with the aim of understanding and improving the legal frameworks that govern and support innovation in this field.

Intellectual property  medical law  

Stuart Hogarth

Humanities  Sociology  

Dr Hogarth's work focuses on biomedical innovation with a primary interest in the impact of genomic science on the diagnostics sector. His work is situated at the interface of science and technology studies, medical sociology, bioethics, innovation studies and regulatory studies.

biomedical innovation  bioeconomy  bioethics  

Stephen John

Humanities  Philosophy of Science  

Dr John's main research clusters around a series of concepts raising both ethical and epistemological challenges: certainty, communication, chance and categorisation. He is particularly interested in how these concepts are used in policy-making, and debates over the early detection and prevention of cancer.

applied ethics  social epistemology  and political philosophy  

Jacob Stegenga

Humanities  Philosophy of Science  

Prof Stegenga has published widely on fundamental topics in reasoning and rationality and philosophical problems in medicine and biology. He is the author of Medical Nihilism and Care and Cure: An Introduction to Philosophy of Medicine, and he is currently writing a book on the sciences of sexual desire.

philosophy  medicine  biology