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Sarah Bohndiek

Imaging  Physical  

Prof Bohndiek's research focuses on advancing the understanding of tumour evolution using next-generation imaging sciences. She is particularly interested in the study of blood vessel formation in early cancer. Her team is also active in translating the findings into first-in-human clinical trials.

clinical trials  cancer  photoacoustic  endoscopy  biomedical optics  

Martin Bennett

Cardiovascular Research  Imaging  

Prof Bennett studies the regulation of cell accumulation and interactions in vascular disease, using both human and mouse cells in vitro and models of atherosclerosis with genetic manipulation. He also has a major interest in vulnerable plaque imaging in patients using both invasive and non-invasive modalities.

plaque imaging  regulation of cell accumulation and interactions in vascular disease  

Joan Lasenby

Imaging  Physical  

Prof Lasenby's research interests include: 3D reconstruction from multiple cameras; human motion analysis; optical motion capture; applications of Geometric Algebra in engineering; non-invasive monitoring techniques in medical applications; sports engineering.

sport engineering  human motion analysis  3D reconstruction  medical applications