Enabling the collaborative research in Precision Health that is instrumental in the transition to preventative medicine

Andrew Flewitt

Medical Device Technology  Technology  

Prof Flewitt's research interests span a broad range of large area electronics and related fields, including thin film transistors and MEMS devices. His research particularly focuses on acoustic wave devices using thin film piezoelectrics, such as surface acoustic wave and film bulk acoustic resonator devices.

sensors  gravimetric  micropumps  acoustic sensors  

Tom Bashford

Anaesthesia  Operations Research & Management Science  

Dr Bashford's principal academic interest is in developing a systems understanding of interventions to improve peri-operative care in low income settings, working closely with the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma. His global health experience includes working with VSO and Lifebox Foundation in Ethiopia, contributing to the Cambridge-Yangon Trauma Intervention Project in Myanmar, and the Uganda Cambridge Partnership.

health system  system design  anaesthesia  perioperative medicine  neurotrauma  

Michael Sutcliffe

Technology  Bioengineering  

Prof Sutcliffe is interested in applying engineering principles of mechanics and materials to biological systems. Applications include characterising and modelling deformation and rupture of arteries, including the effect of patient-specific geometry and disease.

biological tissue  composite materials  

Pietro Liò

Technology  Computer Science & Technology  

Prof Liò's research interest focuses on developing Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology models to understand diseases complexity and address personalised and precision medicine. Current focus is on Graph Neural Network modeling.

AI  machine learning  computational biology  graph neural network modeling  

George Malliaras

Technology  Bioelectronics  

Prof Malliaras' research is on bioelectronics. His group studies the fundamental processes that take place at the abiotic/biotic interface and develop better tools for healthcare. Research themes include the development and translation of implantable and wearable devices that interface with electrically active tissues, with applications in neurological disorders and brain cancer.

cancer  implantable/wearable devices  neuroengineering  drug delivery  

Cecillia Mascolo

Technology  Computer Science & Technology  

Prof Mascolo's research concentrates on aspects related to the efficient and effective use of mobile and wearable systems to understand human behaviour and mobile health. Her lab concentrates on applications related primarily to mobile health.

mobile systems  digital biomarker  mobile health  machine learning  

Richard Prager

Technology  Imaging Technology  

Prof Prager's research has included new fast and accurate calibration systems for tracked 3D ultrasound, the development of a high definition tracked 3D ultrasound system, innovative work on image-based freehand 3D ultrasound without an external tracking device, real-time 3D ultrasound deconvolution for image enhancement and three-dimensional elastography.

bioengineering  ultrasound imaging  non-invasive diagnostics