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Andrew Flewitt


Medical Device Technology  Technology  

Prof Flewitt's research interests span a broad range of large area electronics and related fields, including thin film transistors and MEMS devices. His research particularly focuses on acoustic wave devices using thin film piezoelectrics, such as surface acoustic wave and film bulk acoustic resonator devices.

sensors  gravimetric  micropumps  acoustic sensors  

Ulrich Keyser


Biological Physics  Physical  

Prof Keyser's research focuses on understanding all transport processes through membranes of both biological and technological origin. Specifically, his team is interested in the physics of ions, macromolecules and particles in confined geometries at the single molecule or particle level.  They aim to exert maximum control over all parameters in the experiment using techniques such as: DNA (origami) self-assembly, optical trapping, particle tracking, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, or micro-/nanofluidics.  

optical trapping  nanofluidics  microfluidics  particle tracking  membrane transportation process  

Tom Bashford


Operations Research & Management Science  Anaesthesia  

Dr Bashford's principal academic interest is in developing a systems understanding of interventions to improve peri-operative care in low income settings, working closely with the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma. His global health experience includes working with VSO and Lifebox Foundation in Ethiopia, contributing to the Cambridge-Yangon Trauma Intervention Project in Myanmar, and the Uganda Cambridge Partnership.

neurotrauma  perioperative medicine  anaesthesia  system design  health system