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Sarah Bohndiek

Physical  Imaging  

Prof Bohndiek's research focuses on advancing the understanding of tumour evolution using next-generation imaging sciences. She is particularly interested in the study of blood vessel formation in early cancer. Her team is also active in translating the findings into first-in-human clinical trials.

clinical trials  biomedical optics  endoscopy  photoacoustic  cancer  

Tony Kouzarides

Genetics  Biological  

Prof Kouzarides works on characterising the pathways that mediate and control DNA, RNA and histone modifications. His group research aims to understand the cellular processes they regulate, their mechanism of action and their involvement in cancer.

epigenetic modifications  chromatin  transcription  cancer  

George Malliaras

Technology  Bioelectronics  

Prof Malliaras' research is on bioelectronics. His group studies the fundamental processes that take place at the abiotic/biotic interface and develop better tools for healthcare. Research themes include the development and translation of implantable and wearable devices that interface with electrically active tissues, with applications in neurological disorders and brain cancer.

cancer  implantable/wearable devices  neuroengineering  drug delivery