Enabling the collaborative research in Precision Health that is instrumental in the transition to preventative medicine

Hitesh Sanganee

Medicine  Respiratory System  

Dr Sanganee joined AstraZeneca as a Medicinal Chemist conducting research within respiratory & inflammation related disease areas and has led teams to successful milestone transitions in all phases of drug discovery. He then moved on to become a candidate drug Associate Director. He currently leads the ‘Emerging innovations’ group. Promotion of entrepreneurial activity within and outside of AZ and bringing emerging innovations into AZ.

inflammation  drug discovery  innovation  

Jason Tarkin

Medicine  Cardiovascular Research  

Dr Tarkin's current research programme aims to examine potential clinical translational applications of somatostatin receptor PET/MRI as a marker of inflammation for studying disease mechanisms, use in drug discovery and guiding novel therapies in high-risk patients with cardiovascular disease and large vessel vasculitis.

medical applications  cardiovascular  inflammation  drug discovery